Corporate events

Totally Frocked Costume Hire has the ability to help make your next event a huge hit!

With over 10,000 costumes in store, their expertise and friendly service the team at Totally Frocked can help to make organising your event a fun and easy experience.

How can Totally Frocked help you?

Choosing a Theme

Totally Frocked has hundreds of ideas to help you decide. Here some examples suitable for large numbers

  • T.V. (e.g. MASH , Love Boat , Happy Days)
  • Movies (e.g. Titanic , Grease , Rocky Horror)
  • Through the Decades (e.g. 1920 , Victorian , Hippies)
  • Sci Fi (e.g. Star Wars , Steampunk , Alien)
  • Around the World (e.g.Country of Origin , Kiwiana , Holiday Destinations)
  • Famous People
  • Musicals
  • Medieval
  • Art Deco/Gangsters
  • Western

Budget a Problem?

Totally Frocked can tailor themes and ideas to suit your budget -from a simple hat party to a fully costumed party. The choices are never ending.

Bulk Discounts Available

Discount vouchers can be provided for your guests when sending out information for your event.

Opening Hours

Totally Frocked will open by appointment out of normal hours so you and your guests can have their undivided attention.

What makes it worth a trip out to Lower Hutt?

We believe our extensive range of costumes is of exceptional standard, clean, well maintained, and well organised and our customers benefit from our many years experience, giving you enthusiastic, professional customer service.

Feel free to give us a call or come in and have a chat with the Team

Don’t be shy – come in and Get Totally Frocked!

Totally Frocked is constantly creating unique and topical quality costumes to add to their collection. We pride ourselves on presenting clean well maintained costumes for our customers to hire from our highly organised premises.

Popular Costumes

Not sure where to start?

Look at everything we have to offer, and see what costume will work for you!